SILS™ (Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery): Surgery with the potential for no visible scars.

From multiple incisions to one. Offering patients the newest advancement in surgery, the SILS™ procedure replaces the three to four incisions required by standard laparoscopic and robotic assisted surgeries with just one incision in the belly button. The benefits to patients include the potential elimination of visible scars and the pain associated with multiple points of entry. Here, You can become better informed about different approaches to surgery. This knowledge will be valuable as you discuss treatment options with your doctor.

SILS™ Procedure

Active womanFor many patients, surgery means long hospital stays, time away from home, family, and work, as well as significant pain, lengthy recovery period and visible scarring. It’s normal to have questions about your surgery.

  • How long is my stay in the hospital?
  • How soon can I resume daily activities?
  • After I’ve healed, will I have a scar?

The SILS™ procedure represents one of the newest advancements in surgery, making its way onto the scene in the late 1990s and rising to the forefront in recent years as enhanced technology has facilitated the evolution of the single incision approach.

So how is this new technique different from traditional surgery as we know it, or even the surgical advancements of the last few decades?

The SILS™ approach is designed to make surgery less invasive. Thus, instead of a six-inch incision required by traditional surgery or the three to four smaller half-inch incisions utilized in standard laparoscopic surgery, the SILS™ surgery is accomplished through a single incision in the belly button. Cutting edge technology, including the SILS™ Port, allows surgeons to operate through a 2 cm incision.

One incision improves upon standard laparoscopic techniques, potentially eliminating the scars associated with multiple points of entry.

The SILS™ procedure can be applied to numerous conditions, making it a highly viable option for many people in need of surgery.

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